Attend a Closing

Attend a Kairos Closing and witness the amazing metanoia (change of heart) by many of the Men in Blue.  These individuals recognize Christ's love through your attendance.  You may attend a Kairos Inside Closing as a "Limited Service Volunteer" which does not require training, but you are required to submit an application.
Organization Name: Kairos  Organization Contact: John Cooney
Facility Preference: Idaho State Correctional Institute

PLEASE NOTE: Applications will take some time to process.

Please send an email to and once you have applied to attend the closing so that we can follow up with the facility.

  • Be at the Idaho State Correctional Institution (ISCI) by 1:00pm on Kairos Closing Day.
  • Dress conservatively. No open-toed shoes. No blue jeans or other blue clothing. Women should wear slacks or long dresses. 
  • No heavy perfume. 
  • BEFORE YOU LEAVE YOUR CAR empty all of your pockets so that the ONLY things you bring in are your driver’s license and your car keys. NO CELL PHONES
  • Come to the visitor front gate and they will remotely unlock it to let you enter. 
  • The prison will give you a Visitor’s Badge in exchange for your driver’s license. Secure it to your lapel or wear it around your neck where it can be seen. Be careful not to lose it. 
  • The prison will have you sign in at the entry when they give you your badge. You will also sign in when you go through Control (only about 30 feet from the entry). 
  • The only contact with inmates can be a handshake. Absolutely no hugging by women!!! This can result in severe consequences for the inmate.